Feature Articles and Interviews

Richard E. Grant Profile & Interview: Richard E. Grant
The inimitable Richard E. Grant discusses career highlights and lowlights, as well as the new film based on his own life, Wah-Wah.
Griffin Dunne Interview: Griffin Dunne
After Hours star Griffin Dunne discusses his career as an actor, producer, and director, and his new film Fierce People.
Gretchen Mol Interview: Gretchen Mol
Gretchen Mol speaks about her performance in The Notorious Bettie Page and the iconic pinup.
Mary Harron Interview: Mary Harron
The writer/director discusses the making of her new film The Notorious Bettie Page, her views on Bettie Page's strange life, and casting blonde Gretchen Mol in the title role.
Interview: Bryce Dallas Howard
The star of The Village talks about working with Lars Von Trier on Manderlay, the film's political dimensions, and how surprised she was when she saw the final cut of the film.
Interview: Roger Donaldson
The director of Thirteen Days talks about making The World's Fastest Indian, and about how Anthony Hopkins and he managed to establish a friendship after their notorious feud on the set of The Bounty.
Anthony Hopkins Interview: Anthony Hopkins
The Oscar-winning actor talks about his new film The World's Fastest Indian, his relationship with director Roger Donaldson, and how he doesn't like to think about acting.
Ang Lee Interview: Ang Lee
Ang Lee talks about his new film Brokeback Mountain, his observations about the American West, and how The Hulk almost made him quit the movie business.
Jake Gyllenhaal Interview: Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal discusses Brokeback Mountain, Jarhead, and his amazing year.
John Cusack Profile & Interview: John Cusack
John Cusack talks to reporters about making The Ice Harvest, playing ambiguous characters, and how he doesn't really believe in genre labels.
Connie Nielsen Interview: Connie Nielsen
The Danish-born Gladiator star talks about femme fatales, feeling sexy, and her new film, The Ice Harvest.
Fernando Meirelles Interview: Fernando Meirelles
The director of The Constant Gardener discusses the film's political issues, shooting on location in Kenya, and that rumor he told Nicole Kidman she was too old to be in his film.
Rob Zombie The Devil's Rejects: Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie discusses his career as a film director, his inspirations, and his extensive knowledge of film history. He's not so scary in person.
Devil's Rejects Cast The Devil's Rejects: Cast Interviews
It's always the actors who play the most horrible characters who turn out to be the gentlest, friendliest souls. Sid Haig, Ken Foree, Bill Moseley, and Sheri Moon Zombie talk about the very violent Devil's Rejects.
Happy Endings Interview: Don Roos
Writer/director Don Roos comments on his inspiration for Happy Endings, describes how the Hollywood machine attempts to create “likeable” characters, and speculates where Christina Ricci's Didi from The Opposite of Sex is today.
Downfall Interviews: Bruno Ganz & Oliver Hirschbiegel
The star and director of Downfall talk about the making of Oscar-nominated film, arguing that Germans have a responsibility to address the subject of Hitler and vigorously dismissing criticisms that the film “humanizes” the Führer.
Tony Jaa Profile & Interview: Tony Jaa
No computer graphics, no stunt doubles, no strings attached: Future martial arts superstar Tony Jaa talks about his debut feature Ong-Bak, and how he got his start. Feature by Carlo Cavagna.
Sophie Okonedo Profile & Interview: Sophie Okonedo
The British actor talks about starring in Terry George's powerful Hotel Rwanda, working with Stephen Frears in Dirty Pretty Things, and making the transition from stage to film. Next year, she'll kick butt with Charlize Theron in Aeon Flux. Feature by Carlo Cavagna.
Josh Lucas Profile & Interview: Josh Lucas
Lucas discusses working with Christopher Walken on Around the Bend, his relationship with his father, and some unusual experiences during the making of Session 9. Feature by Carlo Cavagna.
Christopher Walken Profile & Interview: Christopher Walken
Christopher Walken fences genially with reporters, discussing career and audience expectations, as well as his new film, Around the Bend. Feature by Carlo Cavagna.
Mira Nair Interview: Mira Nair
Indian director Mira Nair defends her new film, Vanity Fair, against criticism and talks about her boundless passion for film. Feature by Carlo Cavagna.
Watts and Dern Interviews: Naomi Watts & Laura Dern
The women of We Don't Live Here Anymore talk about relationships and careers. Feature by Carlo Cavagna.
Gabriele Muccino Profile & Interview: Gabriele Muccino
The director of The Last Kiss talks about his latest film Remember Me My Love, the differences between working in Europe and America, and the state of Italian cinema. Feature by Carlo Cavagna.
Mark Ruffalo Profile & Interview: Mark Ruffalo
Ruffalo talks about bringing We Don't Live Here Anymore to the screen, his roles on Eternal Sunshine and Collateral, and the shiftless stoner typecast, though he concedes that You Can Count on Me may be the best thing he's ever done. Feature by Carlo Cavagna.
The Door in the Floor Interviews: The Door in the Floor
Jeff Bridges, Kim Basinger, and Jon Foster talk about their perspectives on the movie, their acting styles, and working with director Tod Williams. Feature by Carlo Cavagna.
Kate Winslet

Profile and Interview: Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet returns to the spotlight with an American accent and blue hair in the mindbending Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Feature by Carlo Cavagna.

John Travolta Profile & Interview: John Travolta
John Travolta, star of Saturday Night Fever, Pulp Fiction, and The Punisher, discusses playing a villain, turning fifty, and how he manages his fame and image. Feature by Erika Hernandez.
Thomas Jane Interview: Thomas Jane
Thomas Jane, star of The Punisher, discusses the business of humanizing a superhero, which apparently involves being flogged by a Navy Seal, and gives his take on those who had trouble seeing him in the role. Feature by Erika Hernandez.
Jim Carrey Interview: Jim Carrey
Meet Joel, the protagonist of the new Charlie Kaufman-scripted film, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. He is quiet and introverted. He is needy and lovesick. He is Jim Carrey. Feature by Carlo Cavagna.
Elijah Wood Interview: Elijah Wood
Elijah Wood discusses working on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, what the film means to him, and his plans to launch an independent record label. Feature by Carlo Cavagna.
Noi the Albino Interviews: Noi the Albino
Director Dagur Kári and star Tómas Lemarquis discuss their unusual and highly praised film from Iceland, a very different kind of teen movie. Feature by Carlo Cavagna.
Charlize Theron Interview: Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron discusses her remarkable transformation in Monster. Plus, co-stars Christina Ricci and Bruce Dern, and director Patty Jenkins share their impressions of Theron's award-winning performance. Feature by Carlo Cavagna.
Scarlett Johansson Profile & Interview: Scarlett Johansson
A nominee for two Golden Globes, 19-year-old Scarlett Johansson discusses Girl with a Pearl Earring, starring opposite older me, and who keeps her head on straight. Feature by Carlo Cavagna.
Colin Firth Profile & Interview: Colin Firth
The British actor discusses Girl with a Pearl Earring, his friendship with Helen Fielding and Nick Hornby, and whether he prefers Renée Zellwegger when she's "a bit squishier." But he still doesn't think he is a star. Feature by Carlo Cavagna.
Girl with a Pearl Earring Girl with a Pearl Earring
A profile of the new film, including an interview with director Peter Webber. Feature by Carlo Cavagna.
Profile and Interview: Michael Caine
The two-time Oscar winner talks about his new film, The Statement, and discusses the professional, personal, and political implications of portraying someone whom he deems “the worst guy I've ever played.” Feature by Erika Hernandez.
Norman Jewison Profile and Interview: Norman Jewison
The three-time Oscar nominee discusses working with Michael Caine in The Statement, and addresses the difference between American and British actors and why he makes films. Feature by Erika Hernandez.
Elephant Gus Van Sant and Diane Keaton on Elephant
Writer/director Gus Van Sant and executive producer Diane Keaton discuss their controversial look at violence in American high schools in Elephant. Feature by Carlo Cavagna. (November 2003)
Pieces of April Question & Answer: Pieces of April
Writer/director Peter Hedges and the cast talk about the making of Pieces of April, starring Katie Holmes, Patricia Clarkson, Oliver Platt, and Derek Luke. Feature by Dominic Varle. (November 2003)
Dummy Question & Answer: Dummy
Star Illeana Douglas and writer/director Greg Pritikin answer questions about the new romantic comedy Dummy, also starring Adrien Brody and Milla Jovovich. Article and interviews by Dominic Varle. (September 2003)
Paul Giamatti Profile and Interview: Paul Giamatti
The character-actor extraordinaire talks about his thriving career and his new starring role in American Splendor. Feature by Carlo Cavagna. (August 2003)
Peter Mullan Profile & Interview: Peter Mullan
The talented Scottish actor's latest directorial effort, The Magdalene Sisters, is winning prizes and upsetting the Vatican. A lot. (August 2003)
Audrey Tautou Profile and Interview: Audrey Tautou
The international sensation from Amélie is starring in something radically different, Stephen Frears' Dirty Pretty Things. By Carlo Cavagna. (July 2003)
Ludivine Sagnier Profile and Interview: Ludivine Sagnier
The star of 8 Women and Swimming Pool is making an impression in the United States. She talks about her work with director François Ozon, Swimming Pool, and her upcoming U.S. debut in Peter Pan. By Carlo Cavagna. (June 2003)
Guy Pearce Profile and Interview: Guy Pearce
The star of L.A. Confidential and Memento talks about his life and his work, including his new comedic crime thriller, The Hard Word. By Carlo Cavagna. (June 2003)
New Suit New Suit: one-on-one interviews
Jordan Bridges and Marisa Coughlan are the counter-intuitive leading duo in New Suit, a bright new comedy about Tinsel Town. Feature and interviews by Carlo Cavagna. (April 2003)
Confidence Confidence
Ed Burns, Rachel Weisz, Andy Garcia, and director James Foley talk about their careers, their new film, and working with Dustin Hoffman. Review and interviews by Carlo Cavagna.
(April 2003)
Down and Out with the Dolls Down and Out with Kurt Voss
A true independent filmmaker, Kurt Voss talks about the making of Down and Out with the Dolls and Sugar Town, and goes over his career directing rock n' roll movies and drawing paychecks in the low-budget action genre. (March 2003)
The Safety of Objects A Discussion of Objects
Cast members Dermot Mulroney, Mary Kay Place, Moira Kelly, and Jessica Campbell discuss the making and meaning of their new film, The Safety of Objects. (March 2003)
Dark Blue Oh, the Inanity!
Dark Blue tackles police corruption and morality amid the Rodney King riots. At the press junket, journalists investigate fashion designers, nudity clauses, and why Kurt doesn't marry Goldie. (February 2003)
The Best of 2002 The Best of 2002
AboutFilm's critics review the best of the year. First up: Jeff Vorndam's Top Ten.
Sonny Q&A: Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage answers questions on topics ranging from his directorial debut, Sonny, and his action movies. But he won't talk about the tabloids. Interview by Carlo Cavagna. (December 2002)
The Pianist Interviews: The Pianist
Stars Adrien Brody and Thomas Kretschmann discuss Roman Polanski's most personal film. Interviews by Carlo Cavagna. (December 2002)
The Grey Zone "This Is Not a Movie About the Holocaust"
Director Tim Blake Nelson and stars Mira Sorvino and David Arquette visit The Grey Zone. Feature article by Carlo Cavagna. (November 2002)
Auto Focus and Roger Dodger Men Behaving Badly
The directors and stars of Auto Focus and Roger Dodger discuss their new films. Feature article by Carlo Cavagna. (November 2002)
Dark Wave 2002 Dark Wave 2002
Jeff Vorndam reports from Dark Wave 2002, with reviews of Inugami, Dark Water, Intacto, and Teenage Hooker Became Killing Machine DaeHakRoh. (November 2002)
Das Experiment interview Das Interviews
Star Moritz Bleibtreu and Director Oliver Hirschbiegel talk one on one with Carlo Cavagna about the daring new German film, Das Experiment. (September 2002)
Mostly Martha and Amy's Orgasm Women in Control
Writer/directors Sandra Nettelbeck and Julie Davis talk about their new films, Mostly Martha and Amy's Orgasm. Feature article by Carlo Cavagna. (September 2002)
San Francisco Film Festival SFIFF 2002:
Featuring 180 films from 46 different countries, the 2002 San Francisco International Film Festival presented the cream of the festival circuit. Jeff Vorndam has tasted the cream and lets you know whether it's sour or sweet. (April/May 2002)
Kissing Jessica Stein interview

Interview: The stars and director of Kissing Jessica Stein
Stars and writers Jennifer Westfeldt and Heather Juergensen and director Charles Herman-Wurmfeld discuss their unusual new romantic comedy with Carlo Cavagna. (March 2002)

Waking Life Waking Life
An analysis by Carlo Cavagna of the groundbreaking animated film, including a scene-by-scene description of the film, a reference guide to the film's themes and ideas, and an assessment of whether the film achieves its ambitious goals. (January 2002)
Session 9 interview

Interview: David Caruso and Brad Anderson on Session 9
Carlo Cavagna sat down with a group of online journalists to discuss the new horror film Session 9 with David Caruso, star, and Brad Anderson, writer/director. (August 2001)

Best of the 1990s The Best of the 1990s
Do you like lists? Scan through our picks for The Top 100 movies of the 1990s, and then read about The Top 25.
(March 2000)
Worst of the 1990s The Worst of the 1990s
AboutFilm.Com spotlights the worst of the decade–not just run of the mill bad movies, but the spectacularly awful! (April 2000)
The Whole Wide World The Barbarian: Noted 1930s pulp fiction author Robert E. Howard in film. Includes biography, analysis, and reviews of The Whole Wide World, Conan the Barbarian, Conan the Destroyer, Red Sonja, and Kull the Conqueror. Feature article by Carlo. (March 2000)
Bats, starring Lou Diamond Phillips, Dina Meyer, and a large number of flying rats. A satirical review by Carlo. (October 1999)

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