The War Zone
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15 April 2000


I just got home from seeing The War Zone. I waited to read your review until after I saw the movie. This was such a powerful and haunting movie. Your review was outstanding. I particularly liked how you noted Roth's use of camera placement. It really added to the overall effect of the movie. You posed some interesting questions... the father's denial to the very end... is he a monster or a very sick man? What is your take? His scenes were so unsettling to me, he seemed truly disturbed... what was going on in his head?... I've been pondering this movie all afternoon. It certainly stays with you a while. again... a very well written analysis.


Hi budbean,

Thanks for the feedback! Though the subject matter and presentation are difficult to take, I'm eager to see The War Zone again when it comes out on DVD. It's horrible and beautiful at once, a fine fine thing in a film. My take on the dad is that he's a very sick man, and has been for some time. I'm no psychology expert, so I can't say whether his behavior is typical, but his blind denials rang true to me. It would destroy him to face up to what he's done, and refuses to believe it. He likely has more than a nagging suspicion that he's a monster though.


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