The Talented Mr. Ripley
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24 January 2000


Though I enjoyed the film more than you, I completely agree with your review. I too was baffled at the ending and didn't feel that it was consistent with the Tom of the book. I have read Patricia Highsmiths book and I highly recommend it to you. Much more like Purple Noon.


Hi! Thanks for your feedback on my review of The Talented Mr. Ripley!

It's funny, I actually enjoyed the film very, very much. But I suppose that the last part of my review leaves the impression that I didn't, because a lot of people have said the same thing to me as you did. I thought Ripley was even better on second viewing, though the inconsistency with the Ripley character is still an inconsistency that makes the ending a bit absurd. The film craft and performances are so excellent that they seem to overcome the lack of logic. Also, I felt that (on second viewing) Minghella's intent became clearer. He's not really making a film about a sociopathic serial killer at all. He seems more interested in using Tom Ripley as a metaphor for what people are willing to sacrifice for status. A personification of "ambition", perhaps. It doesn't add up as credible human reality, but it works just fine as a metaphor.

Thanks for the book recommendation, too! I do plan to read it as soon as I can dig myself out from my current tasks and obligations. Again... thanks for your feedback, and for your interest in the site!


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