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October 17, 1999

Hey Alison,

I saw Bandits today. I was very impressed that the actresses did their own music (I may get the soundtrack). Your review was pretty head on. I thought it was a great way to spend two hours. It's not in the same class as Run Lola Run but it beats that 90 minutes of crap, Romance.

--Lighthouse Boy

November 14, 1999

I'm surprised to find that it took two years for "Bandits" to come to America. It deserves more attention and publicity than what it's getting now. I don't care if the director was dating Brad Pitt two years ago, or if she is a gorgeous woman. A very gorgeous woman...a young, very gorgeous woman..... :-) This film reflected an aspect of the music and movie scene in Germany and should be viewed by those who are interested in international film. I don't know if it's fair to compare it to other films like Thelma and Louise because the characters have their own problems and faults. It's not about how wronged they were by men or the law, or how wild they can get. The film was fun and exciting, with better videos than Spice World. Like you said, anyone could probably enjoy it, so I'll stop on that.

--Bernard B.

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